Bitter Sweet


10 Years
Mar 26, 2009
Forsyth County
You know...I hatched out hundreds of chicks for people in my community and surrounding communities for a straight year and a half. That year and a half was my senior year of highschool and now I am too busy to hatch much, but I really wish I could get in t ouch with some of those people just to see how my birds turned out and how the "chicks" are these days. I figured I would share what is aon my mind. Honestly, I know they are great looking birds when raised, but I wonder how they are personality wise as well.


I would venture my opinion, oh great hatcher of chicks... That no news, is good news. Usually if there were to be news it would be in the form of complaints.

My hens came from a local hatchery, or a person that hatches eggs, and they're bright beautiful hens, all of them. They appear to have good genes, are hearty, resistant to illness and should start laying ANY DAY NOW... (You hear me hens? don't leave me hangin)

You can take pride in knowing that if the phone isn't ringing with people complaining about your hens, they're not raising a ruccus.

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