5 Years
Jul 28, 2014
i was walking around the local trade day yesterday when I stumbled upon this girl.

She was in a tiny cage that looked more suited for Guinea pigs with her back all bloody and no food or water. I asked the two men that had her what happened and they explained that she had been in a cage with two other chickens and they had started to peck on her. The other two chickens they were referring to were a fully grown pair twice her size. I can't imagine how they stuffed three chickens into the cage. Guess who got a new chicken?
Bitzi's back:

Bitzi last night:

She was sooo thirsty, she drunk almost a half a bottle of water. She's all settled in and I don't think she's ever been able to free rage because she won't come out of the coop, she just lays in her little hay nest. She's supposed to be about three months old and an Easter egger, but I've never had large breed chickens so I'll have to take their word for it. I disinfected her back (and sort of did her comb, she didn't like me messing around her face.) and put pet balm on it and she seems do be doing pretty well. (Excluding the "I'm not leaving the coop" issue.) I'm hoping she'll heal up pretty quickly so I can introduce her to the head hen, Jordan, who always puts newcomers through the "I'm the boss, got that?" stare down and occasional peck. Wish me luck!

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