Black ameraucana cockerel- TN


Green Eggs and Hamlet
12 Years
Jul 7, 2007
Middle TN


GORGEOUS black ameraucana cockeral hatched from Pips&Peeps eggs back in late summer. He is absolutely stunning in person. Sadly, he is feeling his manly oats and is aggrevating the main roo in his coop. On the plus side, he is likely to throw lots of really pretty babies. He certainly is loving on the girls in his pen (much to their everlasting digsust).

The girls out of his hatch have started laying and are laying pretty little blue and blue green eggs. I would expect him to carry those same genes. He's still young and will fill out some more. His feathers are lovely black with a blue, green and lavender sheen to them. He looks like a stained glass window!

His personality is pretty mellow. He's starting to get skittish running from the other roo in his coop, so I'd like to move him on to somewhere he can be the head roo. He is showing signs of being an excellent head roo.

No shipping, but I can meet up in Murfreesboro, Nashville or Franklin.

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