Black and Blue Silkie Chicks, 4-5 months old Located NW Indiana

Do you still have the silkies? Where are you located in NW Indiana. Im in Southbend. Do you ship?
Looking for Black Silkie chicks. Please advice if you have any, how old, how many, male or female, cost and location.
If you do not have any available do you know when you will or if there is anyplace in Indiana to get them. We really don't need chicks until Feb. or if full grown, April.
Thank you
yes I have both black and blue silkie chicks available. I have 3 and 4 month olds. I'm right outside of Griffith, Indiana. These would be straight run.
Hello - I am in Northwest Indiana, looking to buy somewhat established hens, but HEALTHY.... if you do not have these for sale anymore perhaps you can recommend a seller to me? Having a hard time finding them in my area. Interested in Ameraucanas, Rhode island Reds, Plymouth Rock, and the like. Thanks so much!!
I have some chicks for sale (Blue Wheaten Ameraucana's) but no pure hens right now. I'm not sure where to have you look for established hens as I know most of mine I want to keep. I know there is a swap meet coming up soon in Knox, Indiana but of course you have to watch and I always tell anyone to quarantine any new birds. I'll keep my ears open.

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