Black australorp? Hen or Roo

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May 19, 2019
I was told this one is a black sex link but looks more to me like a black australorp. About 17 -18 weeks- hen or rooster ? No crowing yet but no eggs either. We can’t have roosters where I live :(
Looking at the tail/saddle area, the feathers are very rounded. Looks like a hen.

Because Australorps are black all around and this bird has just a tad if color on her chest, I'd say she is a sex link quicker than an Australorp. Plus, the body to me doesn't really resemble Australorp... Maybe that's just me. I personally have both black sex link and like 30 Australorps hahaha :lol: I hope my opinion helps !
As a bad example: here is one of my Australorps

I say bad because the pic isn't that great.. Sorry.

Small note: the person i got her from had them a bit roughed up, so I'm hoping within the coming molt, she will pretty up!

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I was hoping my girl was an Australorp as they are my favourite chicken but it looks like with the amber eyes and brown flecks in her chest she is a black sex link too. She looks a lot like the Sladerade’s chookie but with a smaller comb. Sigh. Australorp really have that Conchin look to them which my girl doesn’t.
Definitely a pullet, but I don't think she's an austrolorp. Austrolorps have blackish legs with pinkish gray foot bottoms, all black feathers with no other color showing. Same with Black Jersey Giants, which have yellow foot bottoms.
I have to agree, she's probably a very dark black sex link.

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