Black Australorp Hen???


7 Years
Sep 5, 2012
My beautiful black australorp HEN is now officially a ROO, I was in denial although all the signs were there. Today....non stop crowing. So now what? I am new to chickens. And we can't keep a ROO. Any suggesitions on rehoming?
Just a word of caution that most people who pick up roosters on craigslist use them for the crockpot or worse fighting. Also, dumping it in the wild is worst advice. Chickens need food and water as they are domesticated and will not survive. Might as well do it yourself and save the rooster the stress it will endure.
releasing it into the wild has to be the worst advice i have seen on here
you can not just simply release the bird for it doesn't know how to defend itself from predators.

use craigslist and if you have to get rid of him asap then you might have to just use him for chicken and dumplings .
My local feed store takes roos and sells them for $5 (they keep the money) as a service to people looking to get rid of roosters. They keep them out front in cages.

I have given them roos before and I think they might have a fair shot at a good home that way as kids come through with parents looking.
Thanks for the help NO RELEASING to the "wild". Cant imagine that is good for anyone. In my area I have been warned that Craigslist ROOS can be used for cockfighting so I will avoid that.
I will look into the FEED store and shelter. I guess I have a last resort. So sad. He is the most beautiful chicken ever. (

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