Black Australorp Rooster free to good home, Huntingdon Valley PA (near NE Philadelphia, PA)


10 Years
May 17, 2013
Huntingdon Valley, Pa
I recently ordered some female chicks from Murray McMurray and a few seem to be turning out to be roosters. I have one little guy that is a sweetheart. I cannot keep roosters and I am looking to re-home him. He is only 6 weeks old right now, and I will probably not give him away for a couple of months, but I want to find a home for him early so that it does not turn into a frantic search if he begins to crow earlier than expected.

He is a Black Australorp, and is one of the most friendly of the 12 chicks I have. I would love to keep him- roosters make good protectors for the flock, look pretty, and sound amazing, but I cannot.

The reason I am waiting so long to give him away is because I want to be sure he is a rooster before I do so, since he is one of my favorites.

If you think you can provide him with a good home when it comes time for me to give him away, please reply here and/or PM me.

Any interest in this guy at all? He has yet to find a home.

Here are updated pictures of him at 8 weeks old:

He is so sweet and already keeps an eye on his girls, but never shows me any attitude or aggressiveness.

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