7 Years
Apr 23, 2012
Guys so i been seeing a lot pf post on this web site and it has picture of their 5 week old chicks already have a tail and when mine was 5 week old it did't even had a tail and they say if its a hen their tail will grow in faster so can someone help me.
I have a Rhode Island Red that is the same way and has all the things they say a cockerel has...Short tail feathers, larger comb, taller more stretched out stance, larger legs and feet, and the bow feathers haven't grown in. The other pullet i got at the same time has the exact opposite.
I think that is generally true, but with some lines apparently it can be the opposite. My australorps didn't feather out that fast, and still had pretty tiny tail feathers, but I'm pretty sure they're both hens. I also have a white wyandotte who was about 2-3 weeks behind on the feathering and who I was positive was a roo up until about 8 weeks old when she started feathering out and I put her photos up here and I had 9/9 people tell me she is in fact a hen! So I wouldnt make a decision just yet, wait a couple of weeks and see how he/she looks then!

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