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May 27, 2013
Three days ago I thought my granddaughter was playing a joke on me when she brought me this tiny black ball and tried to pass it off as an egg! She was not kidding. When I broke it open it was an egg with very little formed yoke! the next 3 days we have gotten regular size eggs - BLACK. We have determined it's our Khaki Campbell Duck.

??? I have never heard of a black egg! The Black Swedish Duck hen is laying white ones. What makes the shell this black color and I assume they are safe to eat - just look strange? Has anyone had experience with Black Eggs and could tell me about them?

I have included pictures of the wind egg, black egg and our collection of egg colors!

This was the second egg

First egg I thought was a joke

Attempt at a yoke

Variety of egg colors including the black
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That is odd, as Khaki Campbells usually lay whitish or bluish eggs (at least that I know of--I'm not a duck expert). It might just be a fluke in her new laying organs, or she could lay eggs like this the rest of her life. But your bird isn't the only breed of poultry that lays black eggs--Cayuga and East Indie ducks also lay blackish-green eggs.
I would be less worried about the eggshell color and more concerned about the condition of the yolk. Crack open the next one or two and see if it was a one-time fluke (which is not uncommon) or a chronic problem.

Is she a purebred Campbell?
We have gotten 3 huge eggs and the yokes are beautiful! I guess we'll just keep an eye on her and see what happens. So far the color is staying consistent. We bought her at the local feed store and I assume she is full Khaki Campbell but I have an Americauna that the judge said was a Black Sexlink but she's laying dark brown Maren colored eggs! So who knows what we get when we first time chicken ranchers get chicks at the store! Thanks for your info and input. Not so shocked now!
My Runner duck lays black eggs after she's had a break in her laying cycle. They begin quite dark and then slowly turn ligher:

Our eggs are now a light grey color too. I looked up the black Swedish and they can lay grey eggs so now I think it's her. We have gotten duck eggs, one white and one grey for a month now. We are eating them and they taste very good. It was just a shock to get those first black eggs!

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