Black faced bantam hen


13 Years
May 17, 2008
Hi any indea what this little hen is ?


Thanks for your reply.
So the blues somtimes have balck skin?
Ill be gettign some next year

My girlfriend just got her from the local hatchery,but they guy said it had came in bantam assorment so he wasnt sure what it was.
I think shes awesome looking as well
With the color of the skin and the look of the face I was wondering if there was some Sumatra in there, as well. (I love
Sumatras). She is a little beauty, isn't she?
She is a beauty!

She definitely looks like an old english game bantam to me, but I'm not sure what would cause that dark skin. Is she still fairly young? If so it might change as she gets older. If not...hmmm, maybe she's crossed with something? Or maybe that dark skin just occurs in some blues?

I just raised a bantam sumatra pullet from hatch to now over five months old, and I really don't think she's a sumatra. Maybe, possibly, some sumatra in there, but not a sumatra. Definitely part or whole old english game bantam, I'd say.
Looks like and Old English Game bantam to me as well. Besides the face is the rest of the skin under the feathers black? OEGB should be white, if you are concerned about the legs, not all color varieties of OEGB have white shanks, blue/black/splash is one of them. Also, hatcheries aren't very particular about their breeding, so not all birds are breed to the standard.
Sumatras should have yellow skin.
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Somthing old somthing new

Thank you all for your replies.
Yes she still young I hope she doesnt grow out of it shes so cool looking

Ill check and see what her skin color is.
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Your bird has a black face and earlobes. If it were pure OEG, it would have a red face and earlobes. I agree that there is probably sumatra or something similar mixed in. Pretty, though.

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