black frizzle x red smooth = 1 of these


10 Years
Nov 14, 2011
black frizzle x red smooth spring2017r.jpg

This chick is 1 of 4 of a first spring hatch from a black frizzle Cochin banty roo X 2 red smooth Cochin banty hens. Its siblings so far are all black frizzled and I have several more eggs that should start hatching next week.
The roo is solid black as was his parents who were from an all black hatchery order for frizzles a few years ago.
The red hens came from a different hatchery last year for an order of smooths.

I'm quite curious what color/pattern this one will turn out to be.
Any thoughts?
Could be a red, or possibly partridge. Should be interesting to see how it feathers out.

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