black java or australorp? still trying to decide if its a boy or girl


Apr 16, 2015


Can I throw This cutie in again for debate?
This one is some kind of mix.I wanna say boy, but it isn't developing a wattle at all. I have one boy I'm positive about a month younger with decent wattle already.

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You can see the rooster saddle feathers starting to come in on the barred one.
Thats what I thought those were, Thats why I added the picture of them. :)
I haven't had chickens since I was a young child, so this is my 1st endeavor of sexing chickens myself.
They both have pea combs and no waddles. Easter Egger mix cockerels.
I wasnt sure about the comb on the barred. its kindof inbetween-ish. lol My white EE roo (that we lost yesterday) had a classic peacomb. Both these sit much farther up, so they are also considered peacombs as well? Sorry Im still learning. Only thing I was in charge with when we had chickens when I was younger was gathering eggs, feed, water, and cleaning the coop.

So is there any way to tell if they have the green/blue gene if we breed them?
Funky pea combs, yes, but still pea combs. You can get 'off' pea combs when a chicken is a mixed breed.
Ok, awesome. Thanks so much for the info! I just love learning about these chicks. Its becoming addicting. :)
The pea comb and the blue egg gene are usually inherited together. Odds are good that they have it to pass on, but you won't know until you try.
Thats news to my ears! fingers crossed they got the blue egg gene to pass on, guess we will find out eventually!

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