Black Orpingtons VS Jersey Giants

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    I have a major black orpington and JG dilema! Any help, suggestions or tips would be greatly appreciated.

    I ordered some eggs, 2 dozen blue orpingtons. Shipped. After candling I had 19 and 15 hatched. They are all black with one splash. I should mention I ordered 24, I got 12 and then after emailing her I got another 12 two days later. (the second batch is where the splash came in)
    She has been a little over her head the past few months and I have ordered from her before so I thought oh well, just a mistake. Well, like I said they were all black except one... It is totally a splash. I emailed her back, I ordered blue. I thought maybe she was using blue roo on blue hens and didn't tell me, so 50% black, 25% blue and 25% splash right? Well 14 black and 1 splash? Would this be possible?
    She then emails me back and says oops, I sent you Jersey Giants, she thinks, she said I should have hatched out blues and splash only.... How is that possible?
    Black on black Jersey Giants. Do black on black throw splash in the JG?

    My other question is how and when can I tell the difference in black orpingtons and Jersey Giants? Is it obvious with the feet now? They are 1-3 days old.
    I am so frustrated I don't know what to do! [​IMG]
    Thank you...
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    Jerseys were the first chicks I ever bought. Now I have a total of 7 in a flock of 36. They love to hang out with me. They don't attack. I can pick about 5 of them up and hug them without complaint. I think that either one is good. I don't see any detriment in having one or the other. Jerseys are very calm, and lay a big long egg.

    Over a year ago I hatched 7 Jerseys that were supposed to be blue. One was blue and the rest were black! I wanted blues so bad. However, as the weeks went by, they all turned blue, and 2 were splash. I never knew they would change.

    I've also had the best Jersey roos. Never a problem.

    They will also have white on their chest that goes away in a few months
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