Black Silkie Cockerel

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    Up for auction is a lovely black cockerel. He is 8 months old with great toes, black eyes, nice almost black comb and no leakage. His wings are slightly overshredded which may make them appear weak, however they are not.

    This boy was shown in a sanctioned double-points show and won his class in one show and was 2nd in the other in his class of 4 or 5 cockerels.

    Shipping will be on Monday, Dec. 5th and he will be clean, bug free and have his nails and beak trimmed prior to shipping. We use a hardware cloth floor over shavings to assist the birds in keeping their footing. Additionally, he will have a shipping waterer and feed available for the trip.

    Please understand that once the bird leaves our hands we cannot be responsible for his timely or safe arrival. We have never had a death in shipping birds, but it is a possibility that is beyond our control.




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    He's such a handsome man.....I'm sure he'll be snapped right up !!

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