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Black Split Silkies...

Discussion in 'Pictures & Stories of My Chickens' started by Poulets De Cajun, Mar 31, 2009.

  1. Here are a few pictures of my black split Silkies that I took today. They are black, but carrying the Lavender gene (hense the 'split'). I am VERY proud of these birds, as I 'bred' them myself. I paired the black hens with the lavender father personally in my backyard. These I think I'll name!

    This is my pullet that I hatched in November. She is TEE TINY, but has a HUGE top knot. She's what I call a 'micro' Silkie... LOL




    And here is some pics of my black split cockeral. He is JET BLACK! I've not seen a Black Silkie this black in a while. Take note of the pic of his back. Not a SINGLE off color feather anywhere, and look at the GREEN SHEEN! I'm VERY VERY excited about this boy! He's definitley going to a show or two this year.




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  2. Very very nice! [​IMG]
  3. JennsPeeps

    JennsPeeps Rhymes with 'henn'

    Jun 14, 2008
    South Puget Sound
    Nicely done!
  4. klf73

    klf73 Mad Scientist

    Jun 1, 2008
    beautiful [​IMG]
  5. Thanks! I'm really having fun with this lavender thing. Its very neat to start with one bird and work towards a whole flock of them. Its very rewarding.
  6. Southernbelle

    Southernbelle Gone Broody

    Mar 17, 2008

    Your birds are just stunning! I never get tired of your pictures - keep them coming!
  7. RioLindoAz

    RioLindoAz Sleeping

    Jul 8, 2007
    Yuma, Arizona
    Awsome birds!

    I'm sure there are some purple ribbons waiting for you!


  8. Quote:Awe thanks! Of everything I have in the coops, THESE are the ones that I am most proud of today.
  9. Quote:We always hope so, but I try to enjoy raising them without the goal of the ribbon!

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