Black spots

crooked stripe

12 Years
Jan 14, 2008
N.E Ohio- Suffield
I have lost one roo from black spots on his wattles and comb. The other hens pecked him to death one day last month while I was out of town for a day. Now I see a hen with a black starting about the size of a small button. I can't find any creatures on her. It kind of looks like mold. Anyone heard of this and if they have how about a solution.
Could be Favus (an fungal infection similar to Athlete's foot) or Fowl Pox (a viral disease spread by flies and mosquitoes). Photos would help us diagnose your hen.
No it looks nothing like pox. Charging my camera so I will get you a picture after work. John

I'm dealing with pox now and have seen a huge variance in it's presentation, everything from small scabs to huge wart things filled with pus, so don't rule out pox just because they look like they might be peck wounds.


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