Black Sumatras Questions?

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    Apr 17, 2009
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    Can I get your opinion on Black Sumatras? I have a chance to buy a pair of 4 month olds. I have read places that they are aggressive, and not happy being "coop" up. I do let them free range about every other day and they would be in a large yard(20x16) with about 20 other birds(BR, RIR, and some mixed breeds) Does anyone have any opinions on them?
    Thanks in advance.
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    Okay, first off, if your coop and run isn't completely covered, they will free range themselves. [​IMG]
    I have never found them to be aggressive. Well, except the males towards other sumatra males.
    I am currently in the market for a male, but I know people that have them in a mixed flock-I would suggest that if you get a male, that he be the only male.
    Be careful; I have found that they outshine all of my other birds(I think that they are gorgeous!), and make me think unkind thoughts about my poor dumpy JG's. [​IMG] I actually loaned one of my hens as a showmanship bird for a 4-Her in her first year of poultry-she did great! ANd since that hen went to state fair and got Best Of Show Large Fowl, she's been a total diva.
    One thing: caging them is so not a good idea. My poor girl beat herself against the cage and broke many feathers; if she hadn't, she would have taken best overall bird.
    I've also noticed that they tend to hang with each other, and not truly mix with the group, and they don't really seem to have a part in the pecking order. They just sort of do what they want.
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    i have a young pair of sumatras. they are so sweet together. He will stand over her and put his wing over her and she will trill to him. keep in mind they can FLY not just hop the fence but leave the property. I also have a blue cockrel. so far the two boys have not had a problem ( too busy avoiding the STD cohin roos). they are fun
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    Mar 20, 2008
    I'm starting to breed sumatras. My two cocks are only ever agressive to each other. They don't enjoy being cooped up and will pace back and forth in front of the door in the morning until I let them out. You'd have to clip their wings if you wanted them to stay in the yard. The hens are really sweet and they're great broodies; two of mine went broody hardly before they turned one year old.
  5. Remember they are Game Birds so the cocks will fight. We have raised ours for 4 years now. You can keep them in coops but they will not mate. They need pleanty of room. They also like to roost very high. They are oriagonialy jungle fowl that roost high in the trees. I have had more problems with the hens fighting than the cocks. I do however have a Blue cock loose with a cochin roo, cochin cockerel and 2 sumatra cockerels with no problems. My run is 60'x40'. But as soon as he sees my Black cock they go for it. I would think once you put him in at 4 months he will have no problems. He will endup being main cock when he gets older. To keep the sheen in there feathers give them Black Oil Sunflower Seeds at least once a week. They need the oil, Its a Must!!
    Start feeding them out of your hand ASAP and handle they ALOT and you will hava no problems. Our are very tame because we handle them almost daily.

    Hope this helps. You will greatly enjoy them. They have awsome personialitys. Very gracful and I think the most Beautiful Birds.

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