Black tarry poop, doesn't move much, broken leg maybe?


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Jul 11, 2016
Hi there
I am new here.
I got my first chicken last sunday. It didnt look healthy. I bought it anyway,since I felt bad for it and I though it look pretty cute and cool. The person told me it was a vantress chicken, but later foubd out from my research that it could be a broiler. I know broilers are weak and dont live long but Imma try my best to keep it healthy.
Anyway, its legs kinda look weird and bent. It was panting heavily when I got her. She was pooping green and very liquidy poop. She didnt even try move then. I started giving it antibiotics and electrolytes and now the the poop looks solid, but some times it poops really tarry poop. She moves a.little bit more now, and stands when she sees me. She walks a few steps then just sits after eating. She weighs 2.5kilos. I looked at the poop chart for chickens and cant find anything resembling this poop of my chicken. Here are some pictures of my chicken and a photo of her poop.



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