Black with reddish. What am I?


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Mar 19, 2018
This girl (hopefully girl!) Has me stumped.
Aprox 6 wks old
Suppose to be sorted female
Was in "rare breed mix"
80% sure from Hoover's (girl at the store couldn't confirm as they do have several suppliers but gave me a wink when I asked about this particular group of chicks).
Was the only chick in the bin that looked like this.
Always been slightly smaller and "gamey-er" than the other chicks of the same age. Hoping not a roo...
As a few day old baby was black with dark red tinge on head. Adult feathers coming in with some gorgeous orange/red hues.
Some possible ideas: listed as possible rare breed mix chicks from Hoovers website= copper maran, barnevelder.
Not listed as rare breed on Hoover's= golden laced wyandotte.
The chick color is not right for any of these (he didn't have any white on him as a baby) and the leg color is wrong for the barnevelder (he has a greenish leg, website shos barnevelder with light legs).
Pics attached. Excuse her fat crop she's a hog. Baby chick picture also attached.
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