bleeding from toes.. how to treat?


Pink Roses Farm
9 Years
Mar 14, 2010
Pearl River
Dh just woke me up saying that a few of the chickens were making a lot of noise outside near the porch. He said that one of the chickens was trying to fly into the porch via the window, which has a broken pane...instead of going through the door that was open...

He said he did not see what scared them... it could have been some lightning from the storm that we have at the moment or it could have been something else.

The blood seems to have slowed down but not stopped completely... we rinsed with water and she is currently chilling out in the bathtub with my chicken that has a healing neck injury. When I clean the bleeding areas I am unable to see the cuts. Any ideas for what we should do?

Thank you for your help!

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