Blended 6 new RIR pullets easily!


10 Years
Mar 2, 2009
central ohio
I bought 6 rir pullets (6 mo) 2 weeks ago and have kept them in seperate kennel since. 1 week ago I started letting them run(during day) with the established crowd and all went well. 2 nights ago I waited until the new rir girls went to their kennel to "trance" and carried them to main chicken shed for the night. I let everyone loose early the next morning so they would have plenty of room in case of squabbles. last night one of the rir girls put herself to bed with the main crowd and I carried the other 5 in. In a couple of days I will shut the rir's kennel so they can"t get in at night and see if they wander into main shed on their own. The one rir that established herself in main shed so quickly follows my cockerel constantly so I think its love. love the chickens.
I love it when integration goes without a hitch! Nice work. Good luck.
just went out to do chicken count and they are ALL in main shed. the 6 new rir's are adding a stink though so will have to step up cleaning the main chicken house now. its worth it!!! its kind of sad to see how they stay with their original group. even though they like the roo(hussies) they spend most of the day with their original group. anyhow-its working. even have my poor pekin ducks in there since they got kicked out of their kennel because of the rir's arrival. although the pekins are old(7 3/4 years) and seem to have seniority(thank goodness).

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