blind pony????


11 Years
Aug 18, 2011
Ok, maybe a dumb question, but is there a 'test' to see if my pony is blind?
She's a Shetland mix and is about 23yrs old. She lives in the pasture across my driveway so I can see her all the time and keep an eye on her. She was a rescue and has never been one to seek out attention. She tolerates the occasional fussing over but is happier if I just feed her and leave her alone.
This morning I went in to give her her feed and as I was ducking back under the gate she ran over/stumbled over the bucket - knocked it all over the place before she got clear of it. Of course, I went right back in to see what was wrong and she nearly plowed over me too. (all of this at her usual slow walk). I shoved her away and picked up her bucket and started scooping feed back into it, she came around again and walked all over the bucket AGAIN.
It was about 5:30am so still dark. I had a flashlight cause I like to get a good look at the bucket and in the water trough - but also had the truck lights shining in through the gate as usual. So... could it have just been the lights???? But there is nothing new there, I've been parking with so that the headlights light up the area she eats since it started getting light later.
Looking back I have noticed that she's been 'lazy' about being led around - crowding too close, lagging way behind, seeming to just be being 'difficult' when going through gates... could it be that she wasn't 'being a pony' but really didn't see where I was or where she should be walking?????
Hi , theres only 1 way to find out if your pony really is blind , firstly you should look at her eyes , do they seem cloudier? Call the vet ASAP , shes an extremely old pony , and she could even have brain problems , that is a very old age , and she is a shetland , so call the vet as quick as possible , it could be something small , like she was spooked into shock , or it could be very very very serious.
Blind ponies have a good quality of life if things are kept in the same place. You can test by waving a hand next to each eye & something scary in front of her. She has a good 10 years left. 23 is practically middle-aged for a pony

It's much easier for them if they have a friend though & we often put a bell on the friend to help the blind one keep track of them.
We had a 30 yr old blind pony. She had a great quality of life for the 3 yrs we had her. She still gave pony rides to my kids. She was by herself had a three sided shelter with a large run made out of panels. When you took your hand and moved it by her eye she had no reaction/blinking. Her eyes were cloudy and when she would look around she would hold her head high and move it around unlike a horse that saw well. Ponies live for a long time :)
Thanks all for your input.
I had to have the vet put her down last night. We tried several things but she steadily declined until last night when I got home she was panting and could barely stand. Whatever it was, it came on hard and progressed faster than any of the meds that we tried.

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