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Dec 22, 2009
Northwest Ohio
well i put blinders on some of my young red goldens and lady a's. they are crazy and continually ram there heads through the fencing and have barely any hair on there necks. So i put the blinders on them to stop all that and it seemed to work, but now they dont seem to be eating as much.

So i was sondering what kind of feeders people are using who blind there birds?
Also i noticed one today with pure white runny poo. They are still on wire so i am not thinking blackhead, plus no yellowness.

any help and pics of feeders would be great!!
And what can i do to stop the birds from trying to fly through the fence?

Thanks All

sorry about all the post, my interenet locked up and thats what happened when i reloaded the page, sorry !!
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Mar 25, 2010
How long have you had the blinders on them? they should get use to them in a couple days and should eat out of the same feeders you are least thats how it went with the ones i put blinders on. as for them running into the fence I dont think there is anything you can do to stop that it sounds like they are scared do you have any cover for them to hide under if not put some bushes or pile some weeds in the pen so they can hide in it that will help and stop most of the running i hope this helps.


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Apr 4, 2009
Eastern North Carolina
I have figured out the #1 rule when it comes to Pheasants - "they are crazy". Once you get that down they are easy to understand.

When we put them on ours they did the same thing with eating, they got used to them after a couple days and things went back to normal. We use both hanging feeders and a hopper type. The hanging feeder has less feed waste. Went I go in the pens to feed them I move slowly and stay low. If you get over top of them it tends to make them nervous.


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