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    Sep 18, 2012

    I realize everyone should be respectful of their neighbor(s), and that there is a reason "city people" are city people...and not farm people. However - it doesn't seem right to me that we cannot have any roosters due to "noise ordinances and noise prevention" out of "respect" for our neighbors. I realize everyone should be respectful of their neighbors but it seems to me that the urban chicken owners are the only ones required by law to do any respecting. If I want a ruddy rooster why can't they buy ear plugs??

    We DID solve the problem because we have a friend outside of city limits and they are under their own ordinances, and she can have roosters. She said we could keep the coop at her place, and bring the hens out to "fool around" with the rooster and bring them back home - in order to have fertilized eggs to sell.

    I was jumping for joy until I discovered the following:

    The reason this thread is in this section:

    I just found out it is against "city ordinance" (I'm beginning to hate those two words put together) to sell chickens under 8 weeks of age to any one person unless the number of chicks exceeds or is equal to 25 birds. This means I can't hatch eggers and take them to the farmer's market to sell the chicks- that is very disappointing to me as I was looking forward to it very much.

    SO there's no point in doing the "rooster on friend's farm and visit with hens routine" because I can't sell them anyway unless I have 25 of them at a time!

    There goes my idea of breeding purebred Tolbunt Polish later on.

    Time to buy a farm and move I guess? But we like all the conveniences of the city.'s 2012, why haven't they found a way to have one's cake and eat it, too?
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    Aug 19, 2012
    Los Angeles
    As an urban chicken owner I really would like a rooster. I have raised 2 chicks up from 3 days old to have to rehome them when they started crowing and it was really sad. But, wow, they were shockingly loud. Too loud and not fair.

    My whole backyard is only about 400 square feet including the concrete and I could very easy throw things into my neighbors bedroom when I'm in the shower. I'm surrounded by duplexes and apartments with a liquor store on the corner and a police station with a helo pad only a few blocks away. It is crowded and loud all the time, day and night. I really thought I could just get away with it. A few crows in the morning, bah, no one will even notice. It was so loud and it was all day long. No one complained but I really personally felt like given my current living situation and the quiet I have asked of my neighbors in the past (dogs barking, parties, traveling carnivals, the yelling drug dealer) that it was too much.

    My neighbors have, for the most part, been polite and willing to make concessions for me when I asked and I knew that with the rooster there was nothing I could do to improve the behavior. I do feel like the respect goes both ways.

    As for selling your eggs and chicks have you tried looking into selling outside of your zoning? City zoning is really strict but it usually gets more lax in the suburbs. Where are you? If you are willing to drive aways to do business you might be able to find somewhere you can legally sell. Might be worth it.

    Also, farmer markets tend to be very strict. You can always sell on craigslist however you want and a lot of the chicken people around me all do business that way. It's a bit of a compromise but you might still be able to get a lot of what you want.

    Unfortunately, every living situation has it's pros and cons. You can have anything you want but not everything you want.

    I hope you find a way to sell your lovely chicks. I am confident there is some sort of work around.
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    Apr 14, 2011
    Central Oregon
    I hope that was some sort of joke that you think all your neighbors should wear ear plugs all day and all night so that you can do as you please.

    If you want to raise chickens, then move to a zoning where you are allowed to have chickens. Also, at some point in your life if you figure out that the world is not all about you, you will find that you are happier because your expectations will match a little closer to reality. Some things you can't change and even if they don't suit you, you must accept them or eat yourself up with discontent.

    You are allowed to raise all the chickens that you want to raise. You simply have to adjust your expectations about where you can live.

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    Jan 14, 2008
    Reminds me of a quote:"your right to swing your arm ends where my nose begins". Or in this case,right to have a rooster ends where your neighbor's ears begin.

    ETA" I too feel the world should adapt to my needs but it hasn't been working out that way for me.
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  5. CluckyCharms

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    Yes, the ear plug comment was a joke (I thought I made that obvious, but perhaps not). [​IMG] The "have my cake and eat it too, was also a joke, in case you were wondering about that one, too. Secondly, I realize life is not all about me, although I do appreciate your willingness to assist me by reinforcing it. We all need that sometimes.

    I suppose the majority of the reason I'm irritated about the entire "no rooster" due to noise inclusion in the ordinance is because we have neighbors with dogs that are outside all day and night, who bark morning, noon and finally stop around 11pm at night when their owners bring them inside. I have contacted the local animal control office to inquire about these dogs. They have been out several times. Unfortunately, because their yard is clean and they provide them with fresh water - they won't do anything. "Noise disturbances" they say...can't be upheld until after 11pm within city limits.

    So I can't have a rooster because they are loud (I DO understand that, I'm not completely ignorant). However, it seems unfair that they can have humongous elephant-dogs running amoc all day long and barking at everything - being a noise disturbance all - day - long (literally) to me...and that's okay. :shrug:

    Sorry if my initial post sounded a bit snarky - but I was pretty fed up at the time (and I still am) but chose to readdress this thread anyway.

    ChickensRDinos - Thank you for your nice post. You did say something about Craigslist? Is Craigslist selling exempt from local city ordinances? o.o I didn't know that...where can I find information to this effect, please? :) Thank you for your reply!

    NYREDS - Thank you for your tactful response. I retract the statement I made about you in regard to you having no tact, and apologize for my accusatory behavior on that other thread. It's been a rough week and I had no right to spout off at you for stating your opinion, I'm sorry. Your response on this thread (above) actually did make me chuckle (even though it was factual).
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    Apr 10, 2012
    Pemberton Borough, NJ
    I didn't think you were snarky at all. Oregon Blues, well they need to lighten up a bit. I agree with you though, why should people with dogs be allowed to be loud? It is the same thing to me. Although I do have a rooster, who is allowed, and luckily my neighbors don't complain. Good luck.

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