Blockage in crop or elsewhere??


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Oct 31, 2011
Hello ,
Hope you all are doing fine . I have a question over here for you..ppl. i have a female pheasant, she is having sour and impacted crop i guess for more then 10 days now. My main concern is related to her poo. She is not pooping normally. Just doing tiny poops as like sparrow and just hardly twice a day. I have checked her at night there was no poo. Is she having blockage in her crop or what. She was laying fine before all this but not laying now. I am really what should i do?

I have given her yoghurt , soft pallets, eggs. She was eating a bit by her own but now , she is not interested.

In medicines that my vet has given are
Fluconazole 5 mg per kg
Flagyl 1/2 cc
Skilax drops 1 drop

But still no improvement. Nothing is working over here i am totally out of my mind now.

Any suggestions please?
Hi Areeba, I'm sorry you are having trouble.

I see you haven't had many people help with your problem. To be honest, I don't know anything about Pheasants. Hopefully someone who does will chime in.

You may also want to post about your bird concerns on the "Pheasants and Partridge" forum, someone who keeps them may be able to give give you some insight on treatment options.

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