Blood in poop day after worming


9 Years
Feb 20, 2010
I wormed my birds with Wazine yesterday and this morning in the coop there was more orange runny poops with small blood streaks in them. COold it be something other than worms? They are all acting happy and well. We found out it was worms because I fed them garlic not knowing why they had the runs and the one who had the most messy looking butt pooped out 3 worms the morning after the garlic. So I guess my question is can r ound worms give them blood int he poop and how long until there poops should be back to normal? Thanks for any help!!
It's not uncommon to have that happen after worming. It's just a result of the worms dying off and detaching from the intestinal/stomach lining. Keep any eye on things though, in the case of major worm loads this process can actually make an animal anemic and/or shocky. If your crew is looking active and acting normaly at this point you'll probably be fine.

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