Blood in Unfertilized Eggs - No Rooster in the Pen


5 Years
May 28, 2014
Montgomery, TX
We keep getting eggs with blood in them. Not many but some. Maybe one egg every few days? There is no rooster in the pen so they are definitely not fertilized! What can cause this? Is this normal? Are these eggs bad? What, if anything, can we do to make this stop? Our chickens get Texas Naturals Non-GMO lay pellets, they get TX Nat Scratch, and they get free choice oyster shells.
It's caused by blood vessels rupturing in the hen's ovary or oviduct, which in turn has several possible causes.

Thank you! I read the information from the link you provided. I am actually not sure if any of those causes are present. Perhaps the Vitamin A or Vitamin K are off because we have never supplemented those. They only get the vitamins provided in the layer pellets and/or scratch that we provide. They don't free range because we are in a location where that is not possible. I wish they could get to more grass, etc but other than what we toss in, they don't have access. Maybe the feed store can recommend a supplement for those vitamins. Otherwise it must be fright but there really isn't much disturbing them. They are rough on each other though. This is a flighty group. I suppose it could just be the breed of chickens. I will try to track which color the eggs with the blood spots and see if I can narrow down the one(s) laying them.

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