Blood on egg.

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Three days who, one of the eggs I found had blood on it. I couldn't see any evidence of a problem on any of the chickens. Yesterday, another one had blood on it, but it was less than the first time. What might be the problem?
I just experienced this for the first time today.

I noticed yesterday that my hen that lays green eggs for me was in the box for a fairly long time yesterday and when she did finally lay, there was a little blood on the shell. I looked it up on the forum and read a little bit. She's still new at laying, so I didn't really think anything of it... Yesterday was her 10th egg, it was 53 grams. And I thought, well, maybe she's still adjusting to laying and is having a little bit of trouble with these latest, bigger eggs.

She was due to lay again today, and then take tomorrow off.

She again spent a long time in the nest box today, and I noticed that the top of her comb was nearly white. So I gave her a gentle pat closed the lid on the egg box and let her be. An hour later, I went to check on her... she wasn't in the box anymore, but there was a big shell-less egg with a partial white membrane. The yolk was missing. I don't know if she ate it or if another hen found it and ate it or what...

I cleaned out the box and tossed the mess out into the woods and then went to check up on her.

I found her by the waterer... her comb was a whitish blue and she didn't run away from me when I approached her like she usually does. She didn't squat either... she just kind of stood there.

So... I picked her up and saw that her bum was a bit of a mess... I carried her inside the house.

My biggest fear was that she had some egg shell still up in her... so... I drew her a warm bath and cleaned her up. She seemed to appreciate the attention. After a little further inspection, I no longer believed there were egg shells in her. So, I wrapped her in a towel and held her in my lap for a while. I massaged her comb a bit too as the color seemed to be returning again.

It was warm enough today, so I put her back out with the others when she was reasonably dry. I check on her an hour later and she seemed to be doing alright and have good color still... She was eating right before bedtime too.

I keep everything about my hens laying habits recorded on a spreadsheet. She usually lays for three days, and then takes a day off... roughly 27 hours between eggs. Her last two eggs were 3-5 grams larger than the four before and she laid her shell-less one 23 hours after yesterday's, a.k.a. 4 hours sooner than expected. So, I hope this was just an anomaly.

Poor lady.
Our neighbors had a chicken that had problems laying eggs at first. It would lay shelless eggs and sometimes a real egg and shelless one the same day. Some eggs were huge. Her bottom was very irritated and they soaked her in warm water. They also put an oil of some kind on her to help the healing. When she was having trouble with an egg, she would just stand still and act sickly.
My girls have had two wrinkly eggs, and two so weak they cracked when i picked them up, once one was layed with no shell but not in the nest box (thank god) but i once got two double yolkers in a row and then they went back to their teeny tiny eggs, but i've never had blood on anything, just poop that kind of looked like black paint... but they're fine now

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