blood umbilicus on several from this hatch.. why?


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Jun 14, 2009
My first hatch went great. All of the chicks were super healthy from the start with normal umbilicals. My second hatch had several (5) out of 11 have bloody umbilicals. Those chicks are a little slower to get going. They seem to perk up but they aren't as strong. They all hatched out on their own and I think will be normal chicks, they're just slower than the normal chicks.

My question is: What causes the bloody umbilicals? The chicks hatched out of schedule but there was more blood on the inside of the shells than the first hatch. Why? Is it something to do with incubator hatching conditions? Everything was the same, no temp changes, etc...
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Hi Henny Penny

Did you thoroughly disinfect all the equipment. Chicks, and even eggs can get infected which is why they say to wash your hands before handling hatching eggs or hatching chicks. Apparently even too high humidity can cause Omphalitis - I used to call it Navel Ill This is a link, but hopefully yours wont develop into this

All the best
Yep, I disinfected everything with Tektrol after the last hatch.

These eggs were dirty when I received them (feces from the parents I assume). I didn't clean them, but could that have caused it? I didn't handle them much and when I did, I used rubber gloves new each time. They were placed in a new egg carton with new shelf liner over the wire.

Ok.. just read the link... Does this mean all of the chicks with this condition are going to die?
If the filth on the eggs caused this... I'm furious. They were not inexpensive eggs and now the chicks will suffer due to it.
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Bloody navals can also be cause by slightly higher temps duing hatch and high humidity. These factors seem to affect absorption and healing of the naval. If that's the case, I think they will be fine.
I HOPE that's the case. I kind of doubt it because I have a Genesis Hovabator with egg turner. The temps and humidity levels are spot on. 50% humidity was the highest it went and the temp stayed constant. Nothing was changed between the first hatch and the last hatch except it was completely disinfected between hatches.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed!!
Hennypen, I hope your chicks all do great.

This is my first time incubating and the first chick (silkie) that hatched today has a very bloody umbilical, is acting weak, moving slow and seems sleepy. Hopefully it pulls through. The second chick (polish) is doing great and is super active and loud.
I hatched a batch who were bloody at the umbilicus after leaving the incubator for 6 months AND thoroughly sterilising before use. I think the problem is with the humidity. I always aim for 60-65% humidity on hatching.

Good Luck,
My humidity was 70% at lockdown.

Did your chicks make it?
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My incubator was running too high in humidity and I had several chicks with poor healing and infected navels. I found that if I applied Schreiner's Herbal Solution to them twice a day for about a week, it saved them all and dried up their belly buttons. (I found Herbal Solution at my local feed store.)

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