Blood while and after laying then yucky discharge stuff????

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  1. redhen10

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    Sep 18, 2013
    I witnessed for the first time my hen laying an egg! However, it was not a good experience! For past few weeks I have had some blood smears on some eggs and now I know why. She bled while laying and then after the egg dropped continued to bleed and also a bit of yellowish discharge stuff came out too! She was in a different spot than where the hens normally lay. She stayed still for quite a while. So being concerned I went to get her and another hen was resting(? No other way to describe it) on top of her!!! Weird! Never have seen this. They are buddies. So I don't know if this is why she didn't get up after, was she in " stress" while laying? Why the other smeared blood eggs? I have had to put 2 old hens down in past two weeks to I think prolapse vents. They were bloody vents and chickens lathargic. It's been very very cold here in S. Utah...very unusual for us. Oh, I also looked at this hens vent after laying egg today and seems clean but did have little left over blood on it. Thoughts anyone? This is my very first post! But I read on here all the time!! Thx!
  2. Judy

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    Feb 5, 2009
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    I'm afraid that doesn't sound good, as you no doubt already suspect. She could have a cancer or be an internal layer, or some other serious condition.

    You could try separating her in a darkened place for a few days, to encourage her to reat and maybe discourage her from laying for a few days, to rest her insides. Maybe she got cut by a very large egg and is having rouble healing. I might also give an antibiotic in this case, because of the yellow discharge, although I almost never suggest one -- especially if the yellow discharge looks more like pus than egg yolk. I hope this turns out well for you.

    And welcome to our forum! I'm sorry a problem had to bring you here.
  3. ten chicks

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    May 9, 2013
    I would like a little more information. Describe the symptoms of the two hens that recently died. Have you added any new flock members? Is there any whitish discharge from vent? How old is the hen in question?

    Look up information for vent gleet and Coccidiosis,see if you recognize any symptoms in you girls. While hens do die from egg peritonitis,ovarian cancer, now have a third hen showing similar symptoms,time to start investigating.
  4. redhen10

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    Sep 18, 2013
    No new hens to the flock. The last two hens that died had vent issues from my research I thought it was prolapsed vent. The vents were protruding and bleeding. The hens were over 3 yrs old..almost 4. They weren't laying. I am a little curious why all this vent trouble I was just thinking because they were getting older and our weather has been the most brutal in over 15 yrs. I have looked over all my hens pretty well. No bugs. Few are molting. Very few are laying I think because of our very cold weather which hasn't been normal for us. Today was finally nice. I have 13 hens 2 roosters. I spent most of my day in the coop. No one is picking on anyone. I think tomorrow I will bring this hen in question in and wash her good and put her in a box with a blanket over her so she can have a rest. This hen was given to me over a year ago and I am unsure what breed she is and how old she is. I thought it was strange today that while she was laying the other chicken was on top of her. Anyways I will keep you all posted. Btw, I also have 7 five week old chicks that I hatched from the eggs from my flock. All the chicks are doing well.
  5. monkeyma

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    Jun 9, 2012
    What ended up happening to this hen? I'm having a similar deal with one of my hens. Btw, sometimes my hens lay on each other when they're in the nesting spot. Maybe since they weren't sick I didn't worry, but I always thought it was just quirky and cute.

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