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Jan 26, 2013
I have around 33 chickens. Most are young pullets, but I have 2 that I think are getting to the time of laying eggs. I noticed my rooster " Titan" starting to mess with one of them. Do they usually start having this type of stool before laying eggs? The only one that lays eggs was already laying when I first bought her. All the chickens are eating and drinking. They are also free range chickens. Thank you all for any response!
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I don't have the link but google different kinds of chicken poop and a page will come up in the first few results with the different kinds of poop with pics and if normal or not.

There is bloody poop caused by coccidiosis which is bad and another red one caused by shedding the intestinal lining which is normal. Impossible to guess which you have I'm afraid so that page would be the best for you to work it out.

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Try posting the question in disease and illness area, I think you will get some response, good luck!
I was wondering what would cause the bloody looking poop? I have not seen anymore signs of the bloody poop. So, it must have been the intestinal lining. Will let you know if anything changes.

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