Bloody Stool - Treat Them All?


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Apr 10, 2008
Hi All,

After 7 years of chicken parenting, I happened upon our first bloody poop this morning. It is definitely not a lining slough. It was a thick blood only poop. I think I need to treat with Corrid because someone probably has something, although everyone is active and healthy looking except our bottom hen who has not been overly robust in years.

Our flock is comprised of 4 7 year olds (bottom hen is in this group), 2 2 year olds and 2 4 month olds. My guess is that it is probably one of the babies or maybe bottom hen, but I can't be sure. Would you treat your whole flock if you happened upon what I happened upon this morning?

Thank you for the advice!

And while I have you, any tips for helping our bottom hen? We rehomed an aggressive younger bird a couple months ago who tried to kill her (and chased the kids), but 3 other birds pick on her as well, albeit less violently, and she is constantly half bald and cowering somewhere. She seems okay being separated during the day in a tractor, but it has to be a lonely life.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
It wouldnt hurt to give all your birds corid for 5 days. The protozoa(s) are passed in feces, ensure waterers/feeders are clean and feces free. There's no withdrawal period after using corid. It probably wouldnt hurt to worm all your birds several days after the corid treatment, then provide them a round of probios.
As far as the bottom of the pecking order hen goes...there will always be a hen at the bottom of the pecking order. Perhaps you can observe which hen she gets along with the best. Then seperate the bottom hen with her new friend into a seperate area for themselves.

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