Blossom's Butt is Bald

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    Jul 3, 2011

    This morning, I went to let the girls out of the coop and while they were drinking, I noticed that my 9-month old SL Wyandotte's butt was completely bald. It is pretty much a strip of baldness straight down from her vent. The other very downy like feathers in the area look loose and like they'll come out. Is this normal molting pattern or do I need to be worried?

    My 9-month old EE has had a bald spot on her back for several weeks. I finally put a saddle on her because the other hens (we have no roosters) were pecking at her back and removing any new feathers that came in. I'm hoping the saddle covers the area well enough that they won't get to pic at it anymore.

    Any advice is appreciated.

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    Oh, that is exasperating, and I hate to see feathers missing from my hens. My guess is that you've got some hens that are pulling feathers.

    Just in case though, do check and make sure there's no lice or mites on your hens. Sometimes they get parasites from wild birds.

    From the areas, though, I think it sounds more like a feather puller is in the midst. The always seem to peck the top of the back, just near the tail, or the butt feathers. I think they like to sneak up on the unusupecting hen.

    I think you might want to really watch them so you can figure out which ones are the feather pullers. I personally don't keep hens that pull feathers. It's a nasty habit that is almost impossible to break. The saddle is an excellent idea for bald backs, but there's not much you can do for the bald tush.....One thing though, you can get some blue cote spray and paint their bald spots blue. Chickens don't seem to be attracted to that bright blue color, so it helps.

    Take care,

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