Blue Americauna's stopped laying

Jeff M

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Jul 21, 2013
Blacksburg, South Carolina
Hi Y'all,
I need some help. One if my small flocks are not laying at all. There are 3 hens, one rooster all less then a year old. They have their own enclosed yard where they free range throughout the day. Their coop is spacious for the size of the flock. They have choice oyster shells, water and are fed layer/breeder pellets. Occasionally I'll give them some scratch out in the yard. They haven't laid in almost 2 months. I'm out there frequently to check for eaters but there's no evidence of eggs at all. The hens don't even go into nest boxes to sit. I've checked for lice etc & haven't seen anything. I've treated them for coccidiosis in their water but still nothing. Their yard is open so there's no other nest. They had been laying and I was even able to hatch a couple of chicks. My other flocks of RIR & Rocks which are same age are laying just fine. I'm at a loss for what else to do. Please help!!
That's normal for the breed, they are not production birds they are more ornamental, bred for egg color. Mine always would lay for a bit than quit for a while, especially over winter and during the heat of summer. So I wouldn't be surprised if you see no more eggs until early spring.

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