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Still trying to wrap my head around all of this . . . I pretty much get the percentages and how to get them, but here is yet another question from me

The hatchery near me (Dunlaps) sells their own cross they call Austra Whites; they use a Black Australorp and and a White Leghorn. Most of them turn out to be what I think is called splash; mostly white with a few random black feathers.
My question is this: If I bred those birds back to a black (of any breed) would I get all blue offspring?
I am no expert, but I don't think that is a "BLUE" splash. They may call them splash but I bet those are black feathers throughout. So I don't think you will get any Blue feathered birds.
Someone on here probably knows for sure.
NO they are not Splash. That color results because the white leghorn hens are dominant white. So any color roo that they are bred with, the chicks will come out the same color white with black spots. It works the same way with white broiler breeder hens that I crossed with a RIR roo hoping to get sexlinks, but since the hens are dominant white, they produced chicks that were white with black spots. Splash chicks are light smoky grey when hatched and usually don't have the spots until they feather out. And the white color is a bit different between the two.
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I have only seen a couple of pics of the paint silkies, but I would imagine it works the same way.

If you have ever seen California Whites from the hatcheries, they work the same way, a California Grey roo over the dominant white, White Leghorn hens produces the same white with black spots on the chicks.

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