Blue cloudy eye in 5 month old hen


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Jul 22, 2018
Hello everybody, I have a question about my hens eye so heres alittle back story:

A little while ago I brought a Amercauna hen inside to restore her back to health.
I brought her to the vet, got antibiotics for 10 days for her for a suspected respiratory issue.
We also noticed she had lice during the time we had her inside, and we treated it with wood ashes & warm bathes. (Which really worked BTW!).
She also had a eye infection, which goes right along with the respiratory issue. We treated that with Visine Pink Eye, eye drops.
We had her inside for about 20 days, making sure no more lice hatched and that she was in health to go back outside, to the cold. Its considered "warm" here for this time of the year so I need to get her out now if shes going to survive the winter.

I just brought her outside yesterday. The flock, of course, did not recognize her and needed to pick on her so I separated her for the day,in side the coop, with all of them able to see each other, and I put her with the flock to roost at night so she didn't get too cold & separated her again this morning.

This morning I noticed in her right eye, theres alittle yellow gunk now just above the eye, and her Pupil is blue and cloudy looking. Im not sure if she can see out of it or not, but to me that makes me think of a blind eye.
I just called the vet I brought her to last time and the omly doctor that works on chickens is not there.
Im not sure what to do at this point, is her eye blind?
Does that indicate some kind of sickness?
Thanks in advance.. :(

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May 25, 2018
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I have never heard of that. One time I had a rooster that would not open its eye. I decided to put saline solution in his eyes every morning, and night. It only took two days and he began to open his eye again. You can buy saline at a grocery store people use it to clear there nose, so if you find a mist for the nose you can just dangle the bottle upside down above her eye and a drip will come out. Give it to her every morning and night until you can get in to that one vet. :(:D


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What antibiotic did you use and for how long? Can you post a picture? Did the vet think it was mycoplasma (MG?) Try to squeeze the pus out of the eye, since it will solidify if not removed. Terramycin eye ointment from a feed store can be helpful, and you can clean it with saline before using the ointment. Warning, this video shows how to extract pus from a chicken's eye, but may be helpful:

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