Blue Goose crossed with Embden?


12 Years
Aug 30, 2007
I have a couple of misfits and am considering pairing them up. Does anyone know what the result of a blue gander and an Embden goose would be?
Depends, are you talking about a true Blue Goose ie the color variation of the wild Snow Goose (look it up they exist!) or the domestic blue goose which is a color variation of the American Buff goose?
I am talking about the American Blue Goose (the Holderread variety).
Does anyone have any ideas? I guess i'll just go ahead and incubate and see what I get.
Let me know how it turns out. I have a blue goose and embden gander that will be doing the same experiment once she starts laying

I've got the same thing going here. I've got a gorgeous pair of American Blues (Kate and Leopold), and one lone Embden female Mrs. Bob. Usually all three are together, but occasionally Bob will go off by herself. Today I noticed Kate off by herself acting degected, while Leopold and Mrs. Bob were shadowing each other. My guess is that Bob and Leopold are in the mood (is tha PC enough). Poor Kate. She is so sad. She usually could care less about me, but today when I picked her up she just sat in my lap with her head pressed up against my shoulder and let me pet her.

Anyways, I cannot wait to see what the cross will produce. I plan on keeping the mixed goslings for freezer camp and would like a large fast growing goose. I think the cross should produce what I want. My question is what are the color possibilities? I need to make sure I can tell the difference between the purebreds and the crosses.
Ok, it tis definetely the "SEASON". Leopold hissed and snaked his neck at me today when I got within 10 feet of Mrs. Bob. That has never happened. He's usually the one that wants to jump in my lap for attention. Hmm, poor Kate. She still seems upset, but not as much as yesterday. I swear if she could have cried yesterday she would have.
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Poor Kate!

Well I have good news, I found my very first goose egg today
Unfortunately, the embden, who I'm pretty sure is a gander, is only 8 1/2 months old, so idk if I'll get any fertile eggs this season

I didn't think she'd even start laying till next year, boy was I off!
I'm debating whether to crack and look for a bullseye or incubate and candle! I love geese so much, I think i'd rather have another gosling than know if they're fertile right away.

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