Blue Slates Producing Red Barring???

Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by JJMR794, May 19, 2011.

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    Mar 2, 2009
    Hello All,

    I Recently Had An Egg Buyer Contact Me In Reguards To Some Eggs I Sold From My Blue Slate Birds... The Buyer Is Elated With A 100% Hatch On Shipped Eggs And Got Blue Slate, Self Blues, And A Black Poult + 1 Described As Blue With Red Barring On The Newly Appearing Feathers. Buyer States They Are Approx 1 Mos Old Now... Now I Am Well Knowledged In Gamebirds, But Really Only Have The Turkeys Because Of My Blue Preference.. I Have Had Turkeys In The Past And When I Decided To Get Some Again I Have Always Been Attracted To The Blue Slates So They Were An Obvious Choice. When I Got These As Poults I Acquired Them From A Fellow Breeder In The Area, I Know The Breeders Birds And Farming Ways... They're As Pure A Strain As Anyone Could Hope For. As Adults Here They Are In Completely Enclosed Aviary And Not Allowed To Free Range So This Anomoly Is Coming From A Pool Of 2 Standard Blue Slate Toms And 5 Standard Blue Slate Hens + 3 Self Blue Hens. I Posess No Other Turkeys Of Any Type, The Birds Are Not Exposed To Any Other Turkeys So That Leaves Me With The Conclusion This Is A Genetic Anomoly From My Breeding Pool. Has Anyone Else Had This Type Of Occurance With With These? Any Information Is Appreciated

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