Blue splash wyandottes - 6 weeks old - genders?

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6 Years
Jun 9, 2013
Newport, New Hampshire
hello everyone,

i ordered straight run blue laced red wyandottes (these are splash) in July. they hatched July 22 so they are 6 weeks old now. im not good with wyandotte gender identification so im looking to you chicken experts out there to help me out! they all look like pullets to me, but i know im not anywhere near that lucky! lol

im rehoming 2, and i may keep the last 2, but only if they are pullets. i already have 5 roosters that im keeping, so i cant have another roaming around. im not even sure how i convinced my fiance to let me get another rooster with this batch, though it probably has something to do with the hilarious afro on its head

anyways, here are photos of the pairs. the first 2 are the 2 i am rehoming, and ill probably rehome them as straight run, so it doesnt matter a ton if you can tell the gender, though it will help in rehoming i think. the second 2, the darker ones, are the ones i may keep if they are pullets, and since i cant have anymore roos, ill need to know for sure. no pressure!

if you need any other angles, i can get them for you, but i figured head-on shots would be best. thanks in advanced!

Its still a bit young to tell for sure, as Wyandottes are slow developers. But I don't see any particularly cockerel-ish looking chicks. Very pretty, adorable chicks!
I tend to vote boy on wyandottes until proven otherwise, but I am going with set#1 maybe boy, maybe boy. set#2 maybe girl, boy. set#3 maybe girl , maybe boy
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