blue wheaten maran roo

Good luck, very few people have those. In fact I don't know of anyone local to your area with some. . . If you ever drop by the northwest end, I may have some in the future though, otherwise I don't ship. Your best bet is to get one from hatching eggs. Bev Davis, Cree Farms, myself, and another member here on BYC have BW Marans eggs.
I have one i hatched from my wheaten splash roo but now i found out about his side spur on his comb
and then the blue wheaten roo's comb looks like a kings comb on my penedesencas so they need to go
it makes me sad but i want the best
I have some Wheaten and Blue Wheaten Marans that I have recently hatched from Cree Farms. The eggs were SUPER dark. I won't be able to keep or grow out all of the cockerels. I'm not sure if I have and blue wheaten cockerels yet, but will know soon. Send me a PM if you would be interested.

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