blueish green poop from hen and she acts like she wants to fall asleep all the time HELP


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6 Years
Sep 16, 2013
Roanoke, va
I have a golden polish 1 year old and she's pooping blueish green color and she always looks like she is passing out all the time plz someone help me out
Has she been kept from food and water by the others, or has she been too weak to eat? Blue-green poops can be a sign of eat certain foods such as red cabbage or blueberries, but also may be a sign of starving. I would give her electrolytes in water with a dropper if she won't drink on her own. Has she been wormed recently? Have you checked her skin for mites and lice? Is she or anyone else new to the flock? Can she stand and walk okay? Does she stand or sit puffed up, have diarrhea, act lethargic, or eat poorly? Those can be symptoms of coccidiosis, which may be treated with Corid (amprollium.)

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