Blues or Lavs?


9 Years
Aug 3, 2010
Huntington, WV

I bought these as hatching eggs here on BYC as a mixed of Blue, Lav, Splash and Black Orpingtons - but I can't tell if most of those are blue or lav?
the lavs will be light to dark gray with yellow bellys.the blues are much darker look more like blacks then lavs you have some very pretty chicks.looks like a nice mix in there congrats
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For what it's worth (which probably isn't much, lol), my blacks and blues were pretty much the same color. The blacks were, as one would assume, black... and the blues were a dark-ish gray. The older they got the more black or blue they became.

Out of the 8 I had none of them were light like those.
Looks like you might have a mix of all 3 colors. My splash's were more of a silvery light Gray and my Blue's almost black. They are going to be beautiful birds!
You SHOULD have an assortment of blues,blacks,lavs,splash and even cuckoo. My white orps carry the cuckoo gene. The cuckoos I beleive will be a dark grey color. Lavs are lightish grey. Blues are well...blueish lol Splash would probably be the lightest color out of the bunch. Almost leaning towards white colored at this age.
I`m just going by my own experiences with these. I could end up being WAYYYY off on the colors. But, if it helps at all, I will be just as surprised with the colors as everyone else eventually when they all mature. lol
Good luck and keep us posted with pics as they grow.
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