Bluey...twisted spine Brahma wants to be a mum...

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    Oct 16, 2009
    I have a Brahma hen, Bluey, who has a quite severe scoliosis (twisted spine) who went broody for the first time in July. Folk said I should cull her as a chick, but she is perfectly happy, a great egg layer usually, and has an enormous appetite

    After trying to break her, I eventually gave in and slipped her two eggs (not from her, as I don't want to replicate the spinal problem if it is genetic). Being a very heavy bird she broke one. The other hatched but she somehow smothered it. (I have far too many chickens, so I did not want too add significantly to my flock number)

    She went around for days calling and breaking up food for her non-existent chicks. Then I lost her (free ranging 40 acre site). She turned up in a pond....barely alive.....rewarmed and dried and she was OKish again, but still wanting chicks. No chicks are available here now due to the time of year.

    A week or so went by and she seemed to be coming round a bit, but was very subdued. She then disappeared again overnight. A long search was fruitless, and I feared the fox would have her. It rained a lot that night and was pretty cold. Midday next day she reappeared, soaked and cold to the touch. I re-warmed and eventually re-united with the flock but she sat all day in the outhouse, showing no interest in fake eggs. She disappeared about 4:00pm and I found her just standing in the undergrowth on a bank near the house. She seems lost and sad, appetite still enormous when food is offered, no other signs of illness.

    I though it unlikely she would go into the coop, so I have taken her into the agricultural shed (secure) and given her a box and straw which she was sitting in last night.

    I'm guessing she is still broody, but the lack of interest in the fake eggs is strange. She is not egg laying, poop normal. She had an awful moult at the same time as going broody and had a totally bald body, but new feathers are coming in all over the bare area, (so the bad moult could be contributory). Whilst bald she has been wearing a padded and waterproof poultry saddle which probably saved her during the long and cold night she spent outside.

    I'm thinking of giving her a few eggs, but the time of year is bad. Given her recent 'track record' maybe I should put a couple in the incubator too?

    Maybe the obvious thing to some folk is to cull her now.....but I like her fat ugly form....and feel so sorry for her, so I cannot go down this route.

    Any advice (other than despatching her) would be very welcome.
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    Jul 9, 2011
    Give her a duck egg! the shell is thicker so she won't break it..[​IMG] I wasn't sure if it's work or not but my little hen is a proud momma to a baby duckling.She went broody and thats the only fertile eggs we had to give her lol

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    Oct 16, 2009
    Yes it's an idea.
    She has laid a soft egg today, so I am hoping she is just under the weather and getting over her broodiness.
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    Feb 16, 2011
    New Jersey
    aww shes a cutie

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