BO in MO


Mar 11, 2018
East Central Missouri
Would anyone be interested in a 4-5 (5-6 on Friday) week old Buff Orpington cockrell? I got 8 chicks a few weeks ago and 2 of them are boys.
So far, I've had no issues with him, aside from the fight he got into with his "brother" last night. I know that it's part of the pecking order thing. I'm just trying to avoid unnecessary issues. If I can't find him a home we will adjust accordingly until the is no other option.

Also looking for 4-6 healthy, Orpington pullets, preferably 4-5 weeks or a bit older.
We live around Herrmann. I would be willing to meetup.
This is the cockerel. 20180326_170206.jpg

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