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    Jan 17, 2009
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    I found some BO & RIR hatching eggs for sale. The chickens where separeted on 1/25/09. How long should different breeds be separated to ensure pure eggs? Is there more probability that the eggs will be pure or mixed? I would like to be able to pick up the eggs to reduce the stress of shipping on the eggs. The cost is $5 for 18+ eggs. What do you think of this possible cross?
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    Quote:Hi she-earl, they should be pure after 4 weeks, however Ive done test matings at 3 weeks and they were pure for the breed used to test..

    But those eggs will more than likely be cross breeds, you may get lucky and get a few pures if the roo's stuck to there own breed.

    we've played around with production red hens and a buff roo some years ago, the size stayed on from the orp, but the colors were dark dark buffs and a lighter color of red, some green tails came in as well on the males, but not all of them.

    5 bucks for 18+ fertile eggs, not a bad deal if your looking to just raise up some good egg layers

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