BO X BR cross: pullet or roo?

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Jul 8, 2009
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So far we've had 3 chicks from the same parents, the dad is a Buff Orp and the mom a Barred Rock. 2 of the chicks are darkbrown with a lightbrown belly, sides, cheeks, around the eyes, chin and with a faint white-ish spot on the throat. The remaining one chick was mostly black with some lighter points and a white throat, cheeks, and around the eyes. Which ones are the boys and which are the girls? * no pics available at this moment, only pics that will be available are from the darkbrown ones, the black/white one we gave away* If possible, please post pics of your BO x BR cross chicks for comparison. Thanks
My chickie is still little, it hatched yesterday, Ill take a pic tomorow but indeed, she looks a lot like her colorwise, just fluffier and no feathers, do you know what the roosters look like?
I understand that, Turtlefeathers,but this is a day old chick, how can I tell? Like I mentioned before, there was one chick that was black with a white spot under it's throat, would that be a roo then?
My pullet started out gray. I forgot to say that. I thought the males would have a white spot on the top of their head. I didn't get a male out of this cross, so I don't know first-hand.
none of the 3 had a white spot on top of their head but we've still got 1 egg to go, due next Sunday, so we'll see what that does seem kind of strange to me that all 3 would be pullets, out of a single hen!
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Lucky you!
I'm 4 roos for 4 eggs with my Welsummers so far. Thank goodness for BYC, was able to find them some girls

BTW- I love BO crosses. All of mine seemed to have the nice Orp personality and big fluffy butts.
I know what you mean, that little pullet in the pic is my favorite. She is nine weeks old now and so pretty! And I have three BO/RIR crosses. Even the little roo has very fluffy pants!

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