boat as coop?

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May 29, 2011
hello...I just brought home 12 buckeye laying hens, about a year old and decided to try using an unused boat(34' cabin cruiser) that is in the yard as the coop. nothing to build :) so I put a bail of straw around the cabin floor and turned them all loose inside and on the back deck and went on a break. when I came back some had jumped to the ground and where exploring the garden. I put a ramp up to the transom. after dark I came back to check on them and 4 had jumped into the back of pickup truck(from the ground) and where sitting in a pile. the first question I have is 7 ft. up from the ground too high? I thought they would be safe from the critters here in Ill. will post photos when I am allowed.
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This I've got to see. Can't wait to see pictures. Chickens are never safe from predators unless they are safely locked up a dusk. Does your boat have enough ventilation? Will it be difficult to clean out? Is there a place for them to roost? Nest boxes?
It sounds intriguing!
plenty of everything---windows, back deck for sun,tables, benches, v berths ---limiting access to the fly bridge though.
I can just rinse everything with a hose and let it run out the bottom. since it is next to the garden I thought I might water the garden with what comes out.
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I think it sounds fun. Is there any peeling lacquer or old potentially leaded paint they could eat? When the windows are open, is there hardware cloth to keep hungry raccoons from ripping in? They will love to climb all over everything and sun themselves on the lido deck. Lucky birds.

They may need/want a good solid ramp to get up that high. I know some can fly it, but there will be some who can't when they get older.
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I did put a 2x8 plank up to the transom but it is 7' off the ground(16' board). was wondering if they will walk up the plank or do I need to train them where their beds are?? seems some of them got right up on the edge and jumped off and some stayed in the boat. plenty of critters here to eat them but thought the height off the ground would be a good thing. I don't think paint is a problem, might have to remove some foam cushions.

I also got three roosters with the hens and was told that is two to many and they will fight for affection from the hens. first thing is to train the dog not to eat them....

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