BOBCAT HELP PLEASE! It's getting my ducks, chickens, and house cats!


11 Years
Mar 15, 2010
Does anyone know the best and quickest way to catch a bobcat? I've set a live trap but, I think I need to move it although I saw tracks this morning about 10' from it in the sand. I'm not even sure it's big enough for the cat. Sure hope it's not a mountain lion or a panther! They've been spotted within 25 miles of where I live.

It's gotten three of my house/yard cats, three Runner ducks, and I don't know how many chickens.
I'm worried it might go for my grandkids or who knows what else! I have two boxers in the yard and I'm not sure if it might go for them or my horse?

I put a runner duckling in the holding cage part of the trap, and I've locked everyone else up! But, I can't keep them locked up to long in the hen house.
The remaining kittens I have are locked in the house until I catch it! What a pain....

I ordered bobcat urine this morning. I read it will help to lure them into the trap but, I sure would like to catch it before the urine gets here!

Any suggestions, on bait, how to make home-made traps, ect......
That's rotten luck. I havent had to deal with a bobcat here although they have been seen around here. Maybe you can post some paw print pics to make sure its a bobcat.
I"m pretty sure. I have to go to work right now. But I plan to do some more looking and I'll try to remember to take my camera along with my gun.
Thanks everyone!

I've been reading on how to make different traps.
Not sure which I want to try and make yet. Still hoping the live trap will catch it. I just got home and changed the duckling out with a fresh one.

I thought about calling the Wildlife dept. but figure they'll just want to relocate it a few miles from here and I don't see that solving the problem. If it will get my cats, ducks, chickens, ect.... it will get someone elses too.

My husband is supposed to call a friend of his today that hunts predators and has a calling machine. If he can't come I may call my dad or uncle since they trap them..... and my son said he knew someone that hunts them also. Not sure what we are going to do right now. But, I do know I want to catch it.

By the way one of my cats (the last one that came up missing night before last) Tigger made it home! He is all spooky, doesn't want to be petted, and is eyeing the other cats like they might try something. But, I'm so HAPPY he made it home! I figure he must have found a hole that the bobcat couldn't reach him in and laid up until thirst and hunger made him come out. Needless to say him and the others are not getting out of the house until the bobcat is caught!

I read about the snare trap and it sounds pretty good but it has flaws. Have you ever seen a wild cat caught on the end of a rope? Well I have! When they see you they go NUTS! I had to shoot one when my son was young and I bet I used 20 bullets trying to shoot the cat, because there was no way I could get close enough to cut the line! BTW it was a regular cat not a bobcat, but it was a wild one. I sure don't want to tangle with a bobcat caught in a rope! What I really want is a real hunter to come and get it so I don't have to deal with it.

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