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    Please excuse the many questions, but I'm just trying to learn. This coming spring when I put my Bobs in breeding pens, when they starty laying (hopefully fertile eggs), what is the duration, or time span for just say one hen to continiously lay eggs? Daily for 1 wk.? - 2 wks?......Then a span where she doesn't lay for a while, then starts back? How does that work? Just wanting to know how many birds and how long it would take to get a batch of about 100 eggs to incubate within a period of time where some of the eggs won't get too old to incubate [​IMG]
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    most if young will lay A EGG A DAY. I alway just set them once a week. that way hatch day alway same day of the week, all chicks will be a week a part. As i drop temp in brooder each week. can even mark eggs like 1,2 ,3 so know which week they will hath, myself I mark each tray.

    Just think the weekly thing works, could set every 2 weeks ,but hatch rate starts to drop after 10 days.

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