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    Last year my dad had bobwhite quail and he was going to keep a male and female but he did not this year he is getting 40 eggs to hatch last year he only got 30 but this year he moved into a small apartment and I'm worried there might not be any room for them how mutch room do they need he actually has a pen for them all though he is near the woods he still has people below him that might not like the fact that their poop is right in the yard they SHARE what should he do should he stick them back in the woods more also they had 11 BEARS IN THE FRONT YARD will the bears try to get them? PLEASE REPLY NEED ADVICE also any advice I will tell my dad I am just worried that he may have to get rid of them if someone dosent like them they are the cutest little puff balls I love them my pap kept saying I'm the quails mother lol there like my babies for real I would feel bad if they had to go to my uncles farm or he had to sell the I really do need good advice about this I am just ughhh he says he getting them and the pen he has is at my uncles farm plz give me advice so can tell him what you all have to say and maybe his other neibghor will let him put them farther back
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